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AeDilHaiMushkil Music Review

AeDilHaiMushkil Music Review: This is a great music album that has been composed by Pritam then produced under the label, Sony Music India. It is one of those albums that I have been eagerly waiting for their release. I have therefore enjoyed listening to the music album without much hustle. In fact, from the day I acquired it, I am so sure I have listened to it more than 100 times. I love the songs that keep me glued on the rewind button of the remote. Let us get into the playlist and review the individual tracks that were put together to make up the whole album.

Title Track

Arijit Singh, the artist who renders the first track does a perfect job. He has been known to produce very many tracks within Bollywood and therefore it is the experience he brings into the track. I love the way he is able to express the emotions in the song through usage of pathos. It is a really scenario of the people who are battling love. I like the fact that he is able and comfortable vary the tones while singing, something that very many artists do not know how to do.

Bhattacharya is another artists who spices the whole track through the proper lyrics. I love the way he easily flows with the instruments in the track. The sound of a piano on the song makes it even greater to listen to.  Without forgetting the violin, it does an amazing spice to the whole track. Great job there.


It is the second track that is rendered by none other than Amit Mishra and Shilpa Rao. The two artists blend well with their vocals to give the song some good and amazing twist. It is a song you will listen to and understand what hopeless means when it comes to love. It I a well-crafted song and I recommend you to listen to it.


This is where all you have been waiting for gets you. It is a song that well puts the themes of turmoil and even heartbreak. It is quite a strong and emotional song to me. The acoustic guitar together with other instruments for sure gives a melodious result that you will live to remember for a while.

The Breakup Song

It is the last track in the album and is done by Jonita Gandhi, Arijit, Nakash and Badshah. I love the energy that they showcase in this song. For sure it is a song that will blow your mind off. It is a perfect track to listen to if going through a breakup.


I give it a 4 star.

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