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Baar Baar Dekho Music review

Baar Baar Dekho Music review: This is for sure a smasher album that you need to listen to. The well calculated moves in each track will leave you happy and enjoyed always. You will barely know that Amar Arshi has done a song that is more than a decade old now. It is all about quality in the entire track.  The instruments and the way artists are able to compliment with each other is quite amazing. The songs that made up the album are as follows:

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

Jasleen Royal, who sang this song did an amazing work hear. You remember the vocals and effects present in the Preet song that she did way back? Yes those are the effects and energy that she has brought in this song too. Her wonderful voice makes the song addictive when listening to it.

Sau Aasmaan

Neeti Mohan and Arman combine their efforts on this track. Listening to the song will give you a little feeling of Sooraj Dooba hai that has been done in the past. I like the way Malik has managed the due to give the best track also in this album. Neeti has this energy that you will for sure like when doing the song. The match in the vices is yet another awesome move.


Arko in this song I do feel wasted the entire tune. It track was meant to have some romantic aspects in it with soft vocals, something that is missing. I feel that more job would have been done on this track. It is way below average.

Nachde Ne Saare

Talk of combining the modern twists and feel with the Punjabi effects. It is a for sure a smasher song in the entire album.Done by Jasleen who gives the best in her vocals thus enhancing the quality of the song.The way kaur and Mahadevan get into the track is amazing. They spice the entire track and leaves energy that keep the song on the top form all through.

Teri Khair mangdi

It is an old song done by Bilal Saeed back in the year 2012. It is a song I believe was just added up in the album to make it a complete. I however love the original version of this song.


The album has both ups and down. WE have some cool enjoyable music that will ake you tied up to the album. Even though we have some few low, you will for sure keep the album once you; listen to it. I give it a 4 star.

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