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Dhanak Music Review

Dhanak Music Review: To me I say this album is all about giving hope. It talks about the girl who is young and optimistic that the younger brother will gain proper eyesight again since he is currently blind. The music album is produced under the Times Music label and music done by Tapas Relia. Relia for sure does an amazing job even in this collection as the composer. It is an album that when you sing to, you will for sure be able to get the message behind and also be encouraged. Getting into the songs that make up the album, you will come to an understanding why I am passing the feedback to you people in this way. So let us have a look at the individual tracks:

Jeene Se BhiZyaadaJeeyein

It is the first song of the entire album and you never want to miss this. I just love the way everything is well structured in the track to give you an experience that is very delightful. The way the violin and sarangi blend in each other is just amazing thus giving the song this unique feeling of listening to it again and again. In deed this is a job well done by none other than Shivamm Pathak.


It is the second song of the album and is done by Shivamm once again. However, this round he is able to do it alongside VibhaSaraf and Papon. I love the way the beats of the songs have been produced. There is this unique sync within it that you are not likely to distinct the individual components. Relia the composer really did a good job in this track. He even introduces the bagpipe tunes that makes the song even more luring to listen to. Even with more instruments, the song is just great.

Dum A Dum

I have ranked this song as the best in the entire album, and you will come to my agreement once you are able to listen to the few lines of the song. It is done by Chet Dixon with the help of Devu Khan Mananiyar who does not even disappoint.

Title Track

It is done by none other than Monali Thakur. Her sweet voice oozes the sweet and melodies song that you will definitely like.


Done by Jasu Khan maniyaar. The unique thing with the song is that it has the Jamaican melodies and thus for those from those roots can surely enjoy


I will give the album a 4 star. Job well done guys.

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