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Happy Bhag Jayegi Music review

Happy Bhag Jayegi Music review: It is an album that will for sure capture your attention when you listen to it. Sohail Sen as the composer of the album I believe did a very wonderful job. I do like the unique personal style that he puts into place more so that it was not expected to happen. The entire combination I do feel is the best to be in line with the film. The album has the following songs:

Happy Oye

Hardsheep Kaur and Mallya are the one who sang the song. If you have ever listened to the duo before, you can easily note that they have a very unique energy in this song. I was so much in love with the instruments and the way they married the lyrics from the best vocals by the duos. I must commend that it is a song worth listening to.

Gabru Ready To Mingle Hai

It is the second song in the album and when I need to categorize it, I will say it is meant to please and pull the crowd. Mika Singh, who is the singer of the song presents the song with some extraordinary energy. There is a feel of the Punjabi in this song enhanced by vocalist such us Tarranum Malik, Neeti Mohan among others. They give the pop song a hype that keeps it going and lure you to addiction.

Aashiq Tera

Altamash Faridi for sure did an amazing job. His intentions were to make the whole track stand out. To me it is kind of a package that was meant to surprise you as the target audience. The energy in the song is also worthy the hype. It is indeed a very good song to listen and dance along.

Zara Si Dosti

Arijit Singh has done a good job in this track. It has this soulful effect when you listen to and that is why it is little unique in the album. I however feel that through the song, he makes a turn to the Aashiqui 2, if you have listened to it you can relate.


Javed Ali is behind the mic to do some awesome work. With the flute that is played smoothly, you will for sure enjoy the song. Without forgetting how the guitar is inlined with other instruments is just perfect.


The soundtracks in this album for sure are worth you listening to. They will make you addictive for sure. It is a job well done. I give it a 4 star as my rating. Keep it up.

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