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Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Music Review

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Music Review: This is one of the very interesting music album that I have come across. The fact being that it has been directed by four people namely BabliHaque, AmaalMallik, Ankit Tiwari and ArjunaHarjai. The album is produce under the music label title T-series. I love the fact very many artistes have come together to produce the best music album. Being able to blend the all artistes into the same thing is very great in deed.

The whole album only contains four tracks and have been done very well under the Bollywood umbrella. We will therefore get to know some of the tracks that make the whole album complete in the subsequent paragraphs.


This is the first song in this album and is done by Amaai Malik. I will tell you the truth that the Malik brothers do an amazing job here. They have the vocals that you will want to listen to again and again. I love the fact that they can blend in very easily and there is no struggle that can be depicted from the start of the track till the end. You cannot forget how Armaan is able to bring into the song the soothing voice. It is so much spiced up for sure. I acknowledge the fact that the efforts that were invested here never went into a waste.


It is the second song in the album and comes in two version. I love the way all the versions have this unique vibes hat you are always looking for. The fact tht the beats are not at best does not at all undermine the quality of the songs. I will say that I fall in love with the version done by PalakMuchhal. It is very luring and you will want to listen to it in a loop without really getting tired.


It is a slow track that has been done by Kanika Kapoor. I was curious to know what the song will be like because I have listen to the artist and most of the time she is doing songs that are a bit faster. I do the twist that was put in place by the composer is very great. It is a good job done here and will recommend guys to listen to it.


It is the last song that has been composed and sung by Ankit Tiwari. I love he well the vocals in the song glue you to it. Good job buddy.


I will give the whole album a 3.5 star rating.

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