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Mirzya Music Review

Mirzaya is that album that you will listen to in a loop and feel like you are listening to it for the very first time. Gulzar is able to bring all that he is skilled in related to music just to give you numbers that you will fall in love with.  The magic that you always expect from him for sure can easily be seen by the type of tracks present in this entire album. It is by the way done as a tribute to the love sag which existed between Sahiban and Mirza. I love the way the album is able to maintain it theme from the start all the way to the end.

Title track

It is the first song of the album and Daler Mahndi is the person who has rendered it together with Sain Zahoor as the singer. This is a song geared towards celebrating love. I listened to it and for sure if you are in love, you can afford to miss it. I love the way the beats and even the lyrics are able to bring up the atmosphere of love.

Teen Gawa Hain Ishq Ke

You can easily tell that it is Sain who begins with her vocals. It is a song that has some soothing elements in it and for sure you will love the guitar beats that are in the background. Sidharth Mahadevan does well with his vocals. Known for the best high pitch voice, he for sure does not disappoint even in this track.


Mame Khan is the artiste who renders the song as Shuchismita Das sings. It is a folk type of song that has quite a higher tempo. The electronic beats that are present in the song will make you love the song again and again.

Hota Hai

It is done by the Nooran sisters. I just like the way they sing the song with such much energy that you will easily sing along. It is for sure a good job.

Ek Nadi Thi

It is a collaboration song between Nooran sisters and K Mohan who blend so well to produce the best track. Mohan has this soothing and yet bass vocals that give the song some good vibes and upbeat.


For sure, this is an album that is all round. You can be able to see that it I rich in both the beats and even the lyrics. It is one of the kind and yet rare albums to find today in Bollywood. I give it a 4.5 rating.

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