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Mohenjo Daro – Bollywood Songs Review

Mohenjo Daro, Bollywood Songs Review: When I get someone mentioning about this album, what comes into the mind is how it is recreated well enough to give a mood that has never been well represented by the historical information and documents. It is one of the album that you will want to meet the composer and just give him a warm handshake for the job well done. I love the fact that the composer decided to give the entire album some unique taste by having a touch on the tribal and also folk aspects. It is very rare to find a composer pulling such like strings today.

It has the following tracks:

Mohenjo Mohenjo

The song is sung by Arijit Singh. For sure there is a good job done to this first song in the album. I just love the way singing and the instruments have been combined to give the best beats of the song. The unique way in which the violin has been used to depict the folk aspects in the song is indeed amazing. Without forgetting the flute which give it an extra appetite to listen to.

Sindhu Ma

It is the second song and is done by Sanah Moidutty. One can easily note that the usage of instruments in this song is very high but am glad that it does not outdo the singing. Sanah has this voice that is highly pitched does turns the song into something very different.


The vocals in this song are the aspects that you need to observe very keenly. The effort that was put in place for sure bares the fruits. It is a good song to listen to.

Tu hai

It is indeed a Rahman number and can be identified by the soft and yet melodious vocals that will entice you. It is a track that has this romantic airwaves that you will love to listen to.

Whispers of the heart

Done by Arjun Chandy. The only thing I remember I this song is the vocal of Chandy, they are very soft and connect very well with the instruments.

The Shimmer Of Shindhu

I love the way the guitar and the flute connect to give the best beats for the song. It is a good job done in this track.

Lakh Lakh Thora

It is the last song of the album. I love the way the flute and mandolin are used to give the rack the climax upbeat of winding the song.


I will rate the album 4 out of the possible 5. It is a good job. Dope indeed.

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