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MS Dhoni Album Songs Review

Just as the name suggest, MS Dhoni- the Untold Story is all focused on MS Dhoni who is an Indian legend. The music composed by Amaal Mallik and Manoj Muntashir doing the lyrics is worth listening to. The album has the following songs:


It is the first song in the album and thus sets the mood for the entire album. Sung by Armaan malik, the song is in line with the theme of the movie. It depicts the struggles of MS Dhoni.

Kaun Tujhe

The vocals that are done by Palak Muchhal will for sure set the right mood of the music. Hearing the vocals from a girl’s perspective is a surety of the quality of music you are listening to. The song well articulates the emotions of the character.

Jab Tak

It is another romantic song that you will want to hear. With good vocals but only one limitation, the song is short. The duration is less than tree minutes and hence you will start enjoying it when it is ending.

Phir Kabhi

Arijit Singh is the key person in this song. Still falls under the romantic songs but has a very catchy taste. Listening to it keenly will make you realize that it is good music. It is a must have in the playlist.

Parwah Nahin

The song is done by Siddarth Basrur has some of the lyrics that are very motivating. The song however does not really illustrate the theme of the movie that it will be used.

Jab Tak

It is a redux of the original song and hence no bigger differences with the original one. One key difference to note is that the tempo of this song is a bit faster than the original song. Personally, there is nothing new that can be seen in the song. Could have done better than this.

Padhoge Likhoge

Adithyan A Prithviraj and Ananya nanda are the artists who sang the song. It is a good song which can work best in line with the movie but have not qualities to be a starting song in the album.

Take out

The album has very good songs indeed. I have listened and liked most of the songs. However, there are some of the songs that I feel a better job was done. Such songs like Padhoge Likhoge deserve a better job. The overall rating of the album, I will give it 4/5.

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