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Raman Raghav Music Review

Raman Raghav Music review: Raman Raghav is another album that has been composed by Ram Sampath under the T-Series music label. At the first time, I thought that the album will disappoint until I got some time and just went through the whole playlist. Getting to know that it has featured AnuragKashyap, I did receive some unique motivation like never before. Ram for sure as being behind the soundtrack, he does a job that you cannot even manage to thank him. The beats that are very unique will make you get married to the entire album without a much hustle. Let us channel through the track and just get to understand what makes up this great and awesome album:


It is the first track in this composition done by SonaMohapatra and YashDivecha. I like the way the composer is able to bring together this to amazing voices. Ram I must say is very talented, just getting to produce such a unique piece is amazing. One thing I need to let you know that the voices of the two artists are very different and what Ram does is making sure that they can blend with much ease.


It is the song done by NayantaraBhatkal, Nalini Krishna and Vivienne Pocha.The combination of the three artiste is great because of the energy being brought in the song. Varun who wrote the entire song did it in a way that you can be able to see shine without any given struggles. It is a track that you can be able to put in very many context and fit without having heavy edits here and there. Listen to it and you will appreciate what I am talking about by the way.

PaaniKa Rasta

I will categorize this track as being slow and lacking some energy when compared with other tracks in the whole album.  The use of guitar and the way SiddhartiBasru does the vocal will tell that it has some misplaced feelings. I however appreciate the fact that Ram has been able to pull together something that is not that off the tempo and energy. He for sure did a better job in the track as compared to the other albums of the same class.


I will say that good efforts can be seen in the album through the tracks listed above. The album is general good and worth you listening to, give it a try today. It is a 3.5 star album.

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