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Rock On 2 Music Review

Rock On 2 Music Review: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is the composer behind this awesome album produced by Zee Music Company. One thing that I can remember about the album, is the fact that the composer introduced something that has never been so much there in the world of Bollywood. This is a rock music album within the Hindi setting, isn’t that grateful people.

I love the fact that throughout the individual tracks, you will still find the maintained rock tempo all through. I even thought to myself that it will have very many negative influences but ends up being loved by many. The album has the following tracks:


This is the first track in this album. It generally talks about how necessary it is for the people to find their calling rather than them placing their hopes on the norms set up by the society. It is done by Farhan Akhtar who has these unique vocals that you will always want to listen in a song. Having the guitar added up into the mix is also something very great for sure.  There is always that good feeling personally when I listen to the songs that have a heavy use of guitar, it is gives the best mood ever.

Udja Re

The second song in the playlist and is done by Shraddha Kapoor. I love the way she puts variations in the song showcasing what she is best at. It is a true soft rock for sure.

You Know What I Mean

It is an average track in this album. Even though I felt the artist was not blending well with the beats, for sure the sound of the guitar stole the show.

Tere Mere Dil

It is the track rendered by none other than Shraddha. I will categorize it as being a mellow composition. Job well done even though it is still not at its best from my gauging.


It is the track where the artists’ Farhan and Shraddha shine. There is a complete blend of the beats and the lyrics of the song. It is a typical rock anthem for sure.


I love he fact that the song has a blend of Hindi and Khasi Lyrics. UshaUthup and Summersalt bring some cool energy into the whole track. It is a song that you will put a repeat when you listen to.


One thing that makes the song unique is the way the Dholaks, dhol and table have blended so well with the guitar. They give the best beats to the song.


I rate the album 4 star. It is a good job done.

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