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Shorgul Music review

Shorgul Music review: LalitPandit is the music producer of this fantastic album produced under the label Zee Music Company. The album even though has many ups and downs, I do feel that good job was done. Listening to the individual songs and for sure you will find yourself listening to it several times within a day. One good thing I like about the album is that it has a mixture of several feels and thus being able to offer the best for the target audience.


It is the first song of the album that has been done by Arijit Singh. I will admit that the singer together with his good voice made sure that the best track is released to the target audience. Getting to hear the piano string being struck in the song is just fulfilling. I will for sure say that the track is well synced in terms of the beats, instruments and even the lyrics. I do feel that the track had some good job done for sure.


It is a lighter song but basically a romantic rendition. I tell you will enjoy the classical beats that comes with the track. LalitPandit and Vishal Singh did a beautiful job. The song gives you the memory of 90s without a much hustle. The way the guitar plays in the back of the song is just amazing and I honestly like it. I promise that you will be hooked to the song for sure.

Mast Hawa

Still done by Lalit, but the track is a bit different. If you are a person who loves hip hop, then the track will not disappoint. I however fill that the song lacked that consistency when it comes to the lyrics and even the beats. PratibhaSignh getting into the composition is not that smooth as it is expected. Even though several instruments have been used, you will for sure note that they cannot save the track.


I do feel this is an effective track for sure, it has some proper sync when it comes to the beats and the lyrics even. I love the way the guitar is used to bring some unique taste into this whole track. It is something lacking in many songs of the album.


It is a good song even though has some flops here and there. Do feel that more effort into the album could have given better results. Give it a rating of 3 star.

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