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Sultan Music Review

Sultan Music Review: Vishal Shekhar as the composer of the Sultan Music album does it again. He has been doing this for quite some time and if you have managed to listen to his tracks, the effort put in place is great. The major thing that I can relate with this album is the ability to embrace passion in every single track. It is an album that has been done with the target audience in mind and hence what is delivered here is amazing and great. The energy that is seen in all the track I will say is very appealing and even gives someone motivation to listen to. I have really come to like and love the album. It has the following songs:

Baby Ko Bass PasandHai

ShalmaliKholgade is the one who sings this first track of the album, the work written by IrshadKamil. It is a mixture of techno and some folk thus giving such a unique and loving blend to the listeners. I like the way Ishita who is just a newbie in this industry adds some unique flavor into the song with the vocals that are amazing.  The track comes into a completion with a rap from Badshah which is very great btw.

Jag Ghoomenya

RahatFateh Ali is the artiste behind the rendition. You can easily notice the intsense in which the artiste sings the track. It is however well maintained in terms of the lyrics and even the beats. However, NehaBhasin seems to underperform in the track.


Papon for sure put the vocals into test with this track. I like the way the varying sound of Papon is able to attract and even lure the target audience into listening to it in a loop. There is no disappointment in the song, something I was expecting from Papon.

Title Track

It is sang by none other than Shadabfaridi and Sukhwinder Singh. It is a Joshila song that I feel good efforts were directed towards it. Listening to it severally and I for sure loved it.


This song is done by Mohit Chauhan and Harshdeepkaur is great. They pulled together the energy and can be observed and felt as you listen to this track of theirs. Good job and you can even do better.


It is a rap track that has been done by Ravjiani and Dadlani. I like the way the rap syncs well with the beats. You can easily sing along the track.


It is an album that needs 3.5 star rating for the amazing and wonderful job done.

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