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Te3N Music Review

Te3N Music Review: It is an album that has been done by a good number of artistes all under Clinton Cerejo as the music director. It is yet another amazing album produced under the T-Series music label. The album can be said in brief as being a thriller in nature. It however has some emotional parts here and there something you will realize when you keep listening along to the individual tracks that built it up. I will say that it is a job well done and you can either agree with me or disagree as we look into details the songs that make up the whole album.


It is the first song in this album. One thing that you will immediately note in this track is that there is a whole dependence on the instruments. For sure if the song had lacked the instruments such as piano, guitar and the soft drums, it will have flipped completely. I will say that it has made the producer even done less work on the lyrics. However, the beats have been blended well I the track. It is worth listening to for sure. The intense voice of Clinton to some extend even spices the whole track.


One thing that is remember in this track is the melody I was subjected to. It is even still fresh in my mind. It is done by Bianca Gomes who does a wonderful job through the voice and vocals. It has this unique and appealing Bengali feel that you will rarely get in other songs. Divya Kumar and Benny Dayal are able to pull some unique rendition together with unique energy into the song making it special than ever before. Working together in this track I can say resulted to an amazing job.

Kyun Re

It is the next song and I do thing what Clinton was trying is to pull something different from the normal ones that we are used to. Through his works, he is able to give the song a novel touch that you will like for sure. The song has been done with some lyrics that you will love as you sync with the beats.


It is done by Vishal Dadlani and I will recommend the job well done here. The lyrics of the track are to the point and you will be nourished just listening to the track.


The job deserves a 3.5 star. It is a good job and better efforts can be put into the album.

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